Policies / Services

Paycheck Procedures

Patriot Technical Consulting pays our candidates on a weekly basis. This payment is made either by live check sent Fed Ex for next day delivery or by electronic deposit into an account designated by the candidate. Candidates are required to call in their hours by Monday morning and send a signed timecard, approved with the supervisor’s signature, by Tuesday morning by email or facsimile.

Pre-Employment Services

We offer a full line of services to ensure that your transition to the Patriot Technical Consulting team is a smooth one. Services such as drug screening (5 and 10 panel), criminal background checks (federal/state/county), and an onsite clearance officer ensure that we can obtain and transfer clearances on the Secret and Top Secret/SSBI levels pending application approvals. This allows Patriot Technical Consulting to work with military and aerospace companies across the country.

Key Employment Forms

As with any employment opportunity, the government requires certain forms. Patriot Technical Consulting has noted some of those forms along with the IRS/Government Per Diem website, which determines per diem rates by state or county.

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