Why Should You Choose Patriot Technical Consulting?

It’s all about the right fit. Patriot Technical Consulting can help you find the right fit in your next employment opportunity, whether it’s a contract assignment or direct employment. Our seasoned recruiters will work closely with you to develop a better understanding of your skills and experience and help you determine what position best suits your needs.

With a focus on supplying high-end engineering personnel, Patriot Technical Consulting recruits candidates within the Hardware and Software Design, Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Design, PCB and IC Mask Design and Engineering sectors.  A full description of the skill sets that Patriot Technical Consulting recruits can be found here.


As a national supplier for contract and permanent personnel, Patriot Technical Consulting offers numerous opportunities in a variety of areas ranging from, but not limited to, commercial, military, aircraft/aerospace, telecommunication, consumer products, medical, automotive, electronics and semiconductor industries.

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